Your bed lies empty by the door. I don’t have the heart to move it. I try…oh, I try. But if I do, it means you’re really gone.

You can’t be really gone.

The silent air suffocates me. Air that once carried the pitter patter of warm puppy paws across the floor boards, the clanging of dog tags as you would stretch and shake a long night’s sleep off each morning, now sits cold and still.

It’s hard to breathe.

Your bowls have been washed and dried, sitting quietly, needlessly in the cabinet. Waiting. Use me. Need me. But now, they sit empty.

Your leash waits by the door. Let’s go on a walk, it begs. But our final walk has been walked. Oh, how I wish we could go. Your footsteps echo through the halls. Just one more walk, they cry.

Just one more walk.

Your bag of treats sits unopened in the cabinet. You deserve a treat. You were a good boy. Such a good boy.

It’s hard to breathe.

Slowly, surely, your things get put away, one by one. The hushed echo of clanging dog tags and pitter patter of puppy paws will slowly fade from memory. The traces of you will slowly disappear, evidence of your warm heart and cold nose out of sight.

But not your bed. Your bed lies empty by the door.




Kolby crossed the rainbow bridge on August 31, 2018.

Hug Me, Mommy

Hug me, mommy,

Please just hold me tight each time I cry.

I know you’re tired and I’m sorry.

Maybe one more lullaby?


Guide me, daddy.

Show me how to know the right from wrong.

No one’s taught me yet,

I haven’t been here very long.


Lead me, mommy.

Please, I just want you to hold my hand.

I know I’m very little,

But I’m trying to understand.


Show me, daddy.

I want to grow up big and strong like you.

But I won’t know how to act,

If you don’t show me what to do.


Teach me, mommy.

Please just have some patience as I learn.

I don’t know very much quite yet,

I just now got my turn.


Love me, daddy.

I know I’m small but I’ve got a mighty heart.

And though you may not see it yet,

I’ve loved you from the start.


Help me, mommy.

I need you to help me learn and play and grow,

I know that it may take a while,

But there’s so much I want to know.


Protect me, daddy.

Keep me safe. I trust your arms the most.

And when I’m feeling scared at night,

Please hold me to you close.


Please remember that I’m little,

I have a long, long way to go.

And it won’t be long before

I won’t be little anymore.